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Matcha green tea kenya

A. I’m talking about white matcha tea powder. One independent group, ConsumerLab. International Limited is an experienced and professional black tea trading and plantation company with offices in London (UK), Mombasa (Kenya) and Gisenyi (Rwanda). Being the richest known source of antioxidants in edible foods, drinking matcha regularly boosts one's immunity by neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body and help reduce cell damage which can otherwise cause a host of diseases or infections. com, which tested teas, estimates that a cup of matcha may contain as much as 30 times more lead than a cup of green tea. In Mombasa it is one of the major buyers in the weekly Mombasa auction and export in excess of 25 million kilos of black tea, from Mombasa, per annum. Green matcha powder is great but white matcha tea powder is even better. L. Japan, though not one of the world’s largest producers, has cornered the market for matcha tea, a specially-grown variety of green tea that has historic cultural roots going back at least a thousand years. Matcha is one of the widely used tea product in the market and it is becoming one of the most popular lifestyle sensation in terms of brew and beverages because of its numerous health benefits. . Firstly I will start with the packaging- Yes it’s simple but boy does it pack a punch in terms of the high antioxidant levels contained in this tea (this has more than Matcha Green Tea which we all know contains a lot!) Vitalife have been kind enough to send me some fascinating information about this tea that I must share with you. In today’s international marketplace, matcha tea has become a coveted beverage that is consumed all over the world. 4 Best Matcha Green Tea Powders – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks. When traditional green tea is steeped, about 90% of the lead stays in the leaf, which is discarded. B. In recent years science has shown green tea to be high in antioxidants and a boon to people suffering from a number aliments. INGREDIENTS: 100% Green Tea ORIGIN: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan / Nandi Highlands, Kenya CAFFEINE: Approx 68g per cup LEAVES: Fine Matcha made from luxury grade green tea …Matcha Green Tea has garnered a great reputation around the world of being a 'superfood'. But before you go ahead and buy just any matcha tea powder let me tell you about a special kind of matcha tea powder. It’s been considered the Rolls Royce of the tea powders since it was discovered not long ago. Serving India with one of the most consumed beverage drinks in the world. Loose leaf teas have been scented and blended for centuries. Here goes!Matcha tea and Japan. With matcha, since the whole leaf is consumed, you will ingest more lead. Sample our selection of China (Jasmine, Classics and Regional Specialties), Japan, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and English Favourite greens. Bringing premium Matcha tea leaves online for people to enjoy tea sitting at home

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